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photo no.19 wintry views of the Chateau

The village of Léran is situated close to a range of activities. A car is essential although there are possibilities for many beautiful walks and bike-rides. Of course, we have our own Léran Chateau which is a listed heritage building, and quite spectacular. Simon de Montfort, on his way to wiping out any trace of Catharism, gave Mirepoix and its surroundings, to Guy de Levis-Mirepoix sometime during the 12th century. Although the Chateau is now private apartments the bibliothèque and the salle des armes are listed heritage rooms. Quite magnificent. Originally it had its own gardens and farms and between 40 - 80 servants.

Léran has a depot du pain, bar/café, La Poste, and a restaurant as well as the bar/restaurant at the lake.

Foix is 35 minutes from us, also worth the tour particularly for its fairytale chateau which hosts a 'spectacle' each August. There are the following Cathar chateaux within easy drives: Montsegur, Foix, Puivert, Roquefixade. The longest drive to any of these is 35 minutes. The largest walled Cathar site is at Carcassonne - 60 minutes. Camon is walled city10 minutes away, listed in the Beautiful Villages of France book and a riot of colour and scent when the village houses are festooned with climbing roses in May and June.

If you wish for more activity, there is a go-kart track. Also plan to visit the Niaux caves with a history which dates from 13,000 years ago, a prehistoric park, or the longest navigable underground river system in Europe at Labouiche, as well as many other places of interest.
Since arriving here we are still coming upon places of interest and new vistas. Your stay here will be much shorter so we are happy to help you discover our special pocket of Southern France. We can even offer you mapped itineraries for between one to seven days.